Does it cost anything to join?
Answer: No. There is no cost to join. We do not charge any registration or membership fees.

Do I need to own my own instrument?
Answer: You are welcome to use your own instrument; however, the Brassmen will supply you with an available instrument, if needed.

Can woodwind players join the Brassmen?
Answer: Absolutely!! In fact, some of our finest members have been woodwind players who wanted to explore a new instrument. We will supply high quality instruction to help you get started.

Do you have a scholarship program?
Answer: Yes. We were the first, and still one of the only Drum Corps in this area to offer such an extensive scholarship program. To date, we have given over $50,000 in scholarship awards. Currently, students making 85-93% of rehearsal and performances will earn a $750.00 scholarship and those making 94-100% will earn $1000.00. Candidates must submit an application to be considered for the scholarship.

When and where do you rehearse?
Answer: The horn line and drum line rehearse from 8pm to 10pm on Friday nights at the American Legion hall at 210 Halstead Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528.

Is there an audition?
Answer: No. The only requirement is a desire to play your instrument and to contribute to making the Brassmen better.